Saturday, 22 August 2015

Tool of the Month: The Focus Turbocharger

Maintaining a strong hard focus on the road ahead is essential when making the more important life changing decisions. Practice with the Focus Turbocharger will help you achieve a particularly successful outcome when this is required in the near future.  Perhaps you are being interviewed for a new job tomorrow, or expect to be present at a particularly difficult meeting with a boss, work colleague, or a member of your close family, and you are looking for a satisfactory conclusion to that interview or meeting.  Whatever it is, start by forming in your imagination a clear (and perhaps colourful) picture of the successful outcome you would like to achieve.

·        Now find a place where you can sit in private and not be disturbed by anything or anyone for a few minutes.  Find a chair in which you can sit comfortably but upright.

·        Now sit on the chair, still but upright, as if to attention, hands on your knees. Breathe deeply for a few moments.

·        Now  close your eyes, and bring your hands up towards your face, palms touching and facing inwards as if you were about to pray. Form that image of your successful outcome in your imagination.

·        Start rubbing your hands together vigorously and keep this up for about 30 seconds.  Your hands will soon become hot with the friction.

·        At the end of the 30 seconds, stop rubbing your hands together and hold them in front of you, palms facing each other at your eye level and about 2 cms. apart.  Open your eyes and plant the clear image of your successful outcome in the gap between your palms.  Focus on it intently (Hard Focus), as you bring your hands together.  You will find resistance, caused by the kinetic energy and static electricity between them.  Persevere with the image, until your hands come naturally together, and you feel something settle within.

You may wish to repeat this procedure two or three times before any desired successful outcome.

The image of your successful outcome will become encrypted onto your subconscious mind during the process, and will return to remind you of your Goal at precisely the right moment, making you act in a subtly different, and more success-oriented, manner. 
(This tool is to be found, together with other tools helpful to your own personal development, in the Life Mechanic's Toolbox, in "Do-it-Yourself Life Mechanics: A Workshop Manual for Living" . Available from Waterstone's, Foyles, Borders, all other good bookshops and private booksellers, or from from 31 August 2015.)   

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