Saturday, 22 August 2015

"Do-it-Yourself Life Mechanics: A Workshop Manual for Living"

The Life Mechanics are pleased and proud to announce the publication of this title on 31 August 2015. It's taken longer than anticipated to reach publication, but we think it's been worth the wait.

If you were ever a budding do-it-yourself car mechanic in the days when self-servicing your car was possible, you will remember with affection the Haynes series of Manuals which dealt, model by model, with the intricacies of servicing, maintaining and repairing your car with the use of the few mechanical tools at your disposal. Haynes was successful in bringing motor mechanics to the masses, and for keeping many ageing and tired vehicles on the road for well after their natural life.

Well the Life Mechanics now bring the principles of the Haynes Manual to the life coaching arena. Containing full instructions on how to dismantle, diagnose, repair, maintain, service or completely redesign your life, "Do-it-Yourself Life Mechanics" gives all the help a competent Life Mechanic (or even a beginner) will need to make life wonderful, fulfilling and productive.

And the Manual contains a fully functional toolbox containing all the "Tools of the Month" published elsewhere on this blog, and many more.

"Do-it-Yourself Life Mechanics: A Workshop Manual for Living" is published by Austin Macauley. Available from Waterstones, Foyles, Border Books, W.H.Smiths, indeed any national or good independent bookseller, or on or An EBook version is contemplated for your Kindle, and the Manual will be released in the USA six months from now.

Buy it now! Read it! Use it to repair and improve your Life Machine! Review it if you will! Above all, enjoy it, and get back into the driving seat of your life.

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